Deborah “Spice” Kleinmann, Arts Integration Educator & Performing Artist
Spice is an engaging performer. She is there in the moment with the kids creatively responding to them as a group and as individuals. She often learns and uses their names during the course of her show to keep them engaged. Her repetoir includes quirky songs, campfire songs, nursery rhymes and classics that parents find themselves sining along to. My favorite is a fast paced fun song with a teaching message about recycling. -Sarah C.
"Ms. Spice is very fun ... "
“My 4-year old daughter and I attended the 10:30 am preschool story time today {Oct 5,2011} and had a wonderful time. Ms. Spice is a very fun and attentive facilitator. Every song, story and game was age-appropriate and Ms. Spice made sure every participant was included. It is great to have such a family-friendly activity available and I thank this library {Randallstown} and Ms. Spice for providing it. Keep up the good work!” -Jennifer K.
"... fabulous, engaging, educational."
“The story hour on Oct 13, 2010 with Spice was fabulous, engaging, educational and just great fun.” - North Point Library Parent
"... the ultimate entertainer."
"Spicey Deb is the ultimate entertainer for engaging her audience in interactive music. Kids, teens, and adults respond to her sweet meaningful songs and happy energy. I suggest booking early to make sure you get on her calendar!" - Laurel I.
"... a true professional."
What amazes me about Spice is that she can pick up a guitar any time anywhere. Most folks need the right time, place, audience, to warm their voice, the right accompaniment, and acoustics. She loves to sing. She is always ready. Spice has a strong spirit and is a true professional. -Sarah M.
"... an engaging performer."
"... spontaneous, enthusiastic ... a wonderful folk singer." 
I met Spice a few years ago at TUUC and have had the great pleasure of performing with her on numerous occasions. She is a wonderful folk singer who engages her audience easily with her funny and conscious presence. An excellent songwriter, she really gets to the heart of an issue. She knows countless songs to fit any occasion and she's spontaneous, enthusiastic and professional. Children and adults really love her!" -Marianna M.

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